Body and soul, a balanced role

The benefits of exercise and every physical activity in defending and improving physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being are many, so there is every reason to put it in our everyday life.

Yoga group classes & personal training / private lessons

Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures (asanas) and meditation.

Gyrotonic personal training / private sessions

Gyrotonic is a recent method developed by Juliu Horvath in the ’80s. Gyrotonic aims to exercise the body at the deep level through energizing its nervous system and it is based on the principles of yoga, ballet, gymnastics and tai chi. As a result, flexibility and muscle strength as well as posture are improved and a general feeling of well-being is accomplished.

All this is achieved only by using the gyrotonic machine. Just like any alternative form of exercise, gyrotonic requires and promotes awareness. Deep breathing is fundamental to the exercise and plays a very important role in the philosophy of this method. What differentiates gyrotonic from other methods of exercise is its three-dimensional approach to the human body.

Most forms of workout follow a linear pattern to movement, which means that the body moves to the front, back or sideways. In the gyrotonic method however, the normal body posture is combined with all the possible movements of the spine. That is why, in only one exercise, there can be stretching, bending and twisting of the torso. This twisting movement results in activating many joints at the same time and strengthening the body at a deep level.


Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a variety of equipment or a simple mat. It evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates and can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Pilates builds strength without excess bulk, strengthens weaker muscles and elongates shorter ones, helping you stand taller. It is a safe, sensible exercise system that will help you look and feel your very best. It teaches your body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement and improves flexibility, agility and economy of motion.

Sup Yoga

A unique experience which is a combination of paddleboarding & yoga in the midst of nature.

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