Cosmetic Treatments

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Everything about the care, preservation and appearance of the beauty of the face and the care of the body. Separate treatments for every individual need with a professional approach.

Cosmetic Treatments Armonia

Facial, Waxing & Hair Removal

The basics of cosmetic treatments.


Deep facial cleansing

Duration: 90′

Facial Aromatherapy

Duration: 40′


Legs | Arms| Bikini Line | Partial Bikini Line

Permanent hair removal (Apilus Method)

Duration: 20′ or 5′ – 15′

Facial treatments for hydration & renewal

Plants and herbs have extraordinary beautifying properties and have been empirically used to treat mankind for thousands of years. We select the finest and most effective herbal extracts to formulate exceptional beauty products, unifying the highest scientific practices along with traditional knowledge.


Spa Treatment

Anti-ageing treatment for dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles

Duration: 60′ 

Intelligence Advanced Power Lift, Cabin Beauty Treatment

Lifting and firming treatment for dull, loose skin, wrinkles and all signs of ageing

Duration: 60′ 

White Skincare


Duration: 40′ 

Hydration Face Treatment

For sensitive skin and rosacea acne

Duration: 60′ 

Intense Hydration Face Treatment

Restores skin’s moisture

Duration: 70′

BTL Exilis Elite / Radio Frequency Ultra Sound

Facial Treatment: Wrinkle reduction, fat reduction and tightening

Body Treatment: Fat reduction, skin tightening and contouring

Mini Facial Treatments

For mini facial treatments our highly qualified professionals will meet your particular needs and suggest the best treatment based on your own beauty objectives and your face skin’s individual needs.


Apalline Skincare

Sensitive skin

Duration: 30′ 

Rebalancing Skincare

Combination, oil skin

Duration: 40′ 

Hydration Skincare

All skin types

Duration: 30′ 

Rejuvenate Skincare

Mature skin wrinkles and fine lines

Duration: 30′ 

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